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Anne Frank – The BBC Gets It Wrong Again

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Isn’t it inappropriate, insensitive and downright crass of the BBC to be broadcasting ” The Diary Of Anne Frank” at a time when Palestinian children are being murdered by the Israelis?

Israel is behaving as a Nazi power.  Gaza is the equivalent of the Warsaw Ghetto.  For pity’s sake, 10 paramedics have been killed since the brutal,  inhuman land invasion.

In other respects the BBC is so oversensitive as to be absurd.  When John Sergeant resigned from “Strictly Come Dancing” it immediately offered refunds to anyone who had voted for him yet now, while women and children are massacred in Gaza by the evil Israelis, it wants us to watch this?

Genocide In Gaza

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I have no problem with dropping smart bombs on the heads of Hamas leaders.  I, along with most reasonable people, would even put up with a little collateral damage and come civilian casualties but what the Israelis are doing in Gaza is nothing short of genocide.  Israel’s leaders should be indicted on war crimes charges.

Hamas is undoutedly an evil organisation and the firing of rockets into Israel is unacceptable and must be stopped, if necessary, by force.  It is as nothing though compared to the brutality of Israel.  Remember that Hamas’ rockets are a reaction to the Israeli blockade of Gaza and are a proportionate response to Israel’s bullying.  Gaza is exactly the same as the Warsaw Ghetto and the Israeli state is doing a fine job of playing the Nazi role.

Bush is dead and gone and so he should be with the ludicrous comments he came out with yesterday.  I cannot believe that Barack Obama will allow Israel to continue as it is.  Indeed that is probably the very reason it  is doing what it is in advance of his inauguration.

Meanwhile our lily livered “leaders” sit on their fat, post-Christmas arses and do nothing.  They walk past on the other side while the women and children of Gaza burn

Written by Peter Reynolds

January 3, 2009 at 1:39 pm