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Thank God For The Prince Of Wales

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Otherwise our country would be littered with vainglorious, egotistical self-monuments to architects –  individuals like Richard Rogers who persist in the delusion that they know best.

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Prince Charles speaks with wisdom, discretion and for the conscience of the Nation.  Those who understand the unique place that the monarchy holds in British society know that he speaks for a Britishness that transcends politics, fashion and the vicissitudes of architecture.  To use their own, pretentious expression, architects create our “built environment”, the very space in which we live our lives.  What other profession charged with such a grave responsibility has failed so miserably over the last century?  Where is the great architecture of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and up to date? I can think of none but I can make you lists of the eyesores, slums and ludicrous mistakes that scar our towns and cities.

Thank God for the Prince of Wales!  To the architects, the planners, those lawyers and judges who know no respect, I say take them to the Tower!  Let them languish there until their own mistakes have crumbled into dust.  Then we might give them another go.  Until then let’s stick with the proven classics of design.  Innovation and experiment may be valid in modern art but in architecture there can be no equivalent of Damian Hirst or Tracy Emin.  They may thrive in private view but not in public.  No thank you!

What Is A Supreme Court For?

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Is it to overlook Parliament’s clear intent and to focus on the minutiae of poorly drafted legislation?  Is it to preserve and strengthen the law or is it to be focused on justice?  Is it to consider cases only on the basis of pleadings presented by barristers or should it look to the wider issue?  Is it to bolster the use of disproportionate power with which big institutions bully their customers or should it be to enforce fairness?  Is it for “distinguished” lawyers to live out their latter years in fine, new ermine robes in luxurious surroundings or is it  to promote justice?

I don’t know.  Do you?

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November 26, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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