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I am not a racist.  My oldest friend is a jet black Jamaican.  However, on New Year’s Eve, when I drove down from my parents’ house in Hertfordshire to see that self-same friend in Maida Vale I was horrified at what I saw on Kilburn High Road.  Even more so than when I lived there, nearly three years ago, it has been swamped with immigrants.

Right through London there was barely a white face to be seen.  The vast majority of women were wearing hijab.  Nearly every car contained an asian face with what seemed to me to be an unnaturally large amount of headroom.  Muslim culture seems to predominate.  I feel isolated in my own country.

I remember when I attended my son’s graduation at UEA in June, perhaps half the faces that went to collect a degree were oriental.  I don’t care if they paid for the privilege, there are too many of them!  We have lost our balance.

Clearly, immigration has been of great benefit to Britain from the Irish in the 1930s, the West Indians in the 1950s, the Asians in the 70s and now Eastern Europeans.  Our economy and our society have improved because people from overseas have come to live here.  In recent times though we have allowed it to become uncontrolled.  We have failed to manage it effectively.  Many recent immigrants are disadvantaged themselves  because of our weak, irresponsible, open door policy.

If our idiotic politicians cannot see what is wrong then I despair.  They have neglected and damaged our nation through ridiculous adherence to political correctness.  I want my country back.

Islam has become a source of great evil in the world and it is time we reconsidered our patience and tolerance of it.  We have been taken advantage of.  The idea that Sharia law should have any force in Britain is outrageous.  “Multiculturalism” is not only a dreadful word but an idea that is making no sense.  It seems that many immigrants don’t want it either.  When they come here they want to group themselves into ghettoes.  They separate themselves from our national culture.  Some want all the benefits of what Britain stands for without any responsibility or participation.  We will not be a great nation without full and genuine integration between our people.

We see today the premier of Iceland standing up for his people and defying convention.  Whatever the rights and wrongs, it is time we had some of this in Britain but is there a single politician in this country with this sort of bravery?  I can’t think of one.

Unless our leaders can get a grip on what is happening then this is a recipe for Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood”.   God has given us Obama who is clearly a force for good but we need more.  Who in Britain has the intelligence, the courage and the popular appeal to step up to the plate?

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  1. Personally,
    Everything you have said
    To me, at least,
    Explains some of the
    Reasons that England is not england ne more

    Recently, my black friend (jet black) were
    Eating a meal by the seafront
    Yearning for the days when we saw no
    Negroes, (proper negros)
    Over here taking UR JOBS and
    Looting UR SHOPS with their loose morals and
    Distasteful thirst for white womens

    I hope that soon we can
    Stem this tide of immigration.


    Cuz my friend is proper jet nigger black
    U said it right pete, their muslamic rayguns and
    Nigger morality will cause a river of blood
    That’s not my ENGLAND.

    Oz Mozzer

    April 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    • Well your view is extreme and I don’t agree with it. I think you go far too far. I welcome people from overseas to our country but our weak government has allowed it to go too far without maintaining any balance.

      Peter Reynolds

      April 3, 2011 at 5:35 pm

      • To, Mr Reynolds – Oz got you mate! ‘I’m not a racist cos my friend is black, not just black but proper black.’ Spoken like a true little Englander. Not only racist but too stupid to even recognise it.

        I am mixed race, half caste, mongrel heritage, whatever. I see both sides very clearly. Most West Indians I know are extremely racist, especially against new immigrants from eastern Europe. Every Asian person I know has issues too (more snobbish than whitey!)

        I don’t like seeing the East London I grew up in going all Polski Sklep either. That makes me a racist. Saying nigger and paki does not offend me – fuck the PC police. The ones that speak well – the educated middle classes – the ones who would never use those words – they are the enemy, the true racists. But we are all racist by definition if we recognise difference. We don’t own this land. It was never ours to own. This nation of a thousand waves of invaders. This Mongrel Nation.


        August 28, 2014 at 1:38 pm

  2. You’re a trifle out-of-date. My predictions for the future :-

    1) A blending of all religion will occur. Institutionalised religions will become a thing of the past. Nobody will be able to forcibly believe that they are right while others are wrong. They can believe they are different though. Equal but different.

    2) The colour of people’s skins will become a light brown globally, as humans naturally mix together at a genetic level.

    3) There is no such thing as a “country”. It is something made by humans for humans to remain divided over. Animals do not see country boundaries and do not require passports to go from, say, Belgium to France, as they cross a field. Country boundaries will disappear and all life on planet Earth can go anywhere it likes without the need for “documents”.

    4) Nationalism (and/or jingoism) will become an antiquated and anachronistic belief system. It currently causes war and false pride (the kind that “comes before a fall”). Consequently, it will fade into obscurity.

    5) One universe, one “brain” – consciousness that pervades all time and space instantly, and transcends all species’ evolutionary barriers. This will be the generally-held belief system.

    Pemberton Carmichael

    April 26, 2011 at 11:26 am

  3. […] been held up and misrepresented in the most despicable and dishonest way to accuse me of being a racist and a homophobe.  Laughably I’ve also been accused of being a member of the EDL, attending […]

  4. UKIP, EDL … I thought you were representing CLEAR Peter?


    January 4, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    • I don’t represent CLEAR. I am its leader. CLEAR is a single issue party. Although we may stand in elections we do not aim to win seats but influence. I voted UKIP in the last European elections. Other than that I’ve only ever voted Tory. Through the Blair years I spoiled my ballot papers writing “no suitable candidate” across them. We stand a much better chance of seeing cannabis policy change under a centre right government. I don’t support the present Tory party. I would describe myself as a right wing libertarian.

      As for the EDL suggestion? It’s laughable and offensive. I am totally opposed to its policies. I have stood against prejudice and for justice and liberty all my life. This shows just how low those who oppose me are prepared to sink.

      Peter Reynolds

      January 4, 2012 at 10:01 pm

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