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“The Only Thing Drug Gangs Fear Is Legalisation”. The Independent 26th August 2010

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Superb piece in The Independent today

Superbly argued!  Thank you to Johann Hari.  Thank you to The Independent for giving the space for this to be heard.

Violence Breeds Violence.  The Only Thing Drug Gangs Fear Is Legalisation.

28,000 deaths in Mexico in four years because of drug laws!

It could be the same in the UK.   Our new drug strategy is in preparation but the only people applauding the disgraceful sham that is our drug strategy consultation are drug dealers and criminals.  James Brokenshire of the Home Office, the man intent on breaking British society,  is so backward in his thinking that he makes Alan Johnson look progressive.   He is blind to the evidence and the facts, to what is happening in Mexico and elsewhere

There is blood on the hands of cowardly politicians in the UK too.  They have shirked this issue, avoided grasping this nettle for too long.  Brokenshire can only have been offered as a lamb for sacrifice here – surely?  His arguments are too ridiculous, his distortion of science too crass. He is bound to fail if he persists but he will cause death, misery and degradation for thousands.  He personally will be responsible for a massive increase in street crime – inevitable if he tightens prohibition.  He will not have committed the crimes himself but he will have negligently and recklessly ignored proven current best practice.  His attitudes fly in the face of all logic, research and science.

The government is riding roughshod over the massive outcry for drug law reform on the Your Freedom website.  Surely, even if public opinion, morality, logic, science, history or common sense won’t convince them, Baroness Meacher’s claim of £19 billion per annum of waste will stir them to action!

Surely, if nothing else, the cash will make the government see sense!

2 Responses

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  1. Hi Peter. I got onto your site via the your freedom website that was set up a while ago. I am ashamed of this situation as it has fallen on deaf ears again. I am glad that you and many others are for the right thing. Is so obvious the drug (people) war has failed.

    I also agree totally about this new guy James Brokenshire. He is discusting and is about to cause even more misery and suffering. As you know Peter the more they try and clamp down the laws the stronger drug lords will get. Just look at cannabis cultervation in the UK. If I could grow a couple of plants (organic) at home then what harm am I doing. Its absurd that the home office thinks I should get 14 years.

    Anyway mate, keep up the fight. We are not going to go away and I urge us all to be strong. Figh the power.


    August 27, 2010 at 11:52 am

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Peter Reynolds

      August 27, 2010 at 11:57 am

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