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Lord Young Talks Common Sense

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If I want to do something stupid like breaking my leg, that’s up to me.  It’s my life!

He was talking about the health & safety madness promoted and adored by jobsworth civil servants.  See here.

Lord Young, does that mean that I can smoke a joint without the nanny state sticking its nose in where it’s not wanted?

And Evan Davis, everybody’s favourite gay gatekeeper of the Dragon’s Den, thought the same thing too.

See here.

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 3, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Disgraceful Betrayal Of Gurkha Heroes

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What shambolic, cowardly, civil servant-jobsworth, treacherous nonsense has come out of the Home Office today?

See here for the full story.gurkha

The disgusting conduct of Jacqui Smith’s department shames Britain and everyone of us who enjoys freedom won at the cost of Gurkha lives.  While she fritters away her expenses and her downtrodden, frustrated husband amuses himself with porn (who can blame him?), these brave, honourable men who have already won their case in the High Court have been knocked back again after months of unnecessary delay.

Not only is the decision itself a disgrace but the way it has been handled is an example of the very worst of Britain.  What are these fools in government up to?  They really have lost touch with the people and with reality.  Gordon’s YouTube cock-up on expenses – can you think of a more stupid idea? A budget based on fantasy, delusion and deceit.  Crass stupidity is too generous a description.  Gordon, Jacqui, Alistair, you are a laughing stock!  You have demonstrated your incompetence and lack of integrity again and again and again.  Please just go!