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Vote ‘YES’ Scotland!

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scottish piper

If all the people, politicians, institutions, banks and monopoly businesses who are responsible for the terrible injustices and inequalities in our society are so desperate for a ‘NO’ vote, what should that tell you?

That Cameron, all his disgusting, self-serving cronies, Miliband and Clegg are terrified, scared and panicking, what should that tell you?

When all the members of the Fleet Street Mafia: dishonest, manipulative, gutter press editors and seedy proprietors want Scotland to vote ‘NO’, what should that tell you?

When the UK parliament does all it can to prolong the sick perversion of democracy  that is Britain in the EU, what should that tell you?

Please vote ‘YES’ Scotland!

Written by Peter Reynolds

September 10, 2014 at 5:58 pm

LibDem Conmen Should Be Expelled From Parliament

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Liars, Conmen And Cheats

I support the tuition fee proposals.  They seem very fair to me and I can’t see that any prospective student can have any complaint about the terms offered.

However, if you’re an MP and before the election you signed a pledge to vote against any increase in tuition fees then you have no choice.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a minister or if the economic situation is worse than you thought it was.  This is black and white.  It’s clear cut.  There can be no argument.  If you break your signed commitment then you have to go.

If you seek to evade your commitment or fudge the issue then you compound your crime.  And I see no reason why it should not be a crime.  In civil law it is a clear breach of contract but it is much more serious than that.  It is obtaining a seat in parliament on false pretences.  It wasn’t a vague promise made in the heat of the election campaign.  It was a written agreement.

Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and all their cronies who have broken their word should be frogmarched out of parliament and charged with criminal deception.  They should all go to jail.  Not for a long time.  Six months will do but each and every one of them is a proven liar, conman and cheat.  They have no honour.

Unless parliament takes this action to preserve its integrity, then its reputation will sink even lower.  It sets the most appalling example to the country and any MP who allows this scandal to persist without action is an accessory after the fact.

Shame on you, you weak and pathetic cowards.  You disgrace yourselves and our country.

Nineteen Nervous Breakdown

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I am worried about the neck and neck race in California.   The polls are getting tighter and tighter.  If Proposition 19 fails it will be a disaster for the cannabis campaign.  Certainly in Britain, no politician will want to know.  They will say if you can’t get California to vote for it, there are no votes in it at all.

It could knock us back at least five years.

That’s why it’s essential that we win.  Whatever it takes.  The polls say it depends on turnout by young voters so please, get the lazy stoners off their backsides and down to the polling booth.

Now is the time to get serious and take responsibility.  Don’t let us down now!

GO CALIFORNIA!  We’re depending on you!

Written by Peter Reynolds

October 24, 2010 at 9:16 am

I Shall Vote UKIP On June 4th

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For two reasons:

1. Because I agree completely that we should withdraw from membership of the EU and establish trading agreements as an independent nation.

2. Because I want to send a message to the main parties showing my disgust for the venal and corrupt behaviour of so many MPs.

I shall vote Tory in the next general election because David Cameron is the only credible candidate for PM.

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 16, 2009 at 2:41 pm